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Govt. College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon was established in 1968. It was inaugurated by the then Home minister, Sh. Y. B. Chavan on 18th july, 1968. This is the only govt. college in Punjab where purely science education is imparted up to the post graduate level. Government has specially established this institution to provide quality science education to the meritorious rural and semi urban youth. Now the college is equipped with all the required facilities and latest technology for the teaching of B.Sc. and M.Sc. (chemistry and Botany) classes.

In the establishment of college, Jain society especially, Matri Sewa Singh, Jagraon and the patron respected Shri. Bimal Muni Ji has given an incredible contribution. Under their patronage, college was given approximately 40 acres of land as a charity for its building to the Govt. of Punjab .The mission of the college is ‘Trancend’ which  motivates  the students to work hard and achieve heights in life.