About The Girls' Hostel

With an illustrious history spanning about 50 years, the College attracts highly talented students for its Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programs. The Institution is known for imparting high quality education and for providing a healthy environment for the growth and development in both Academics and the Co-Curricular activities. Taking note of the need for a residential facility for female students of the college, a three-storied structure was constructed in the College campus to accommodate 200 students.. We are proud to have a body of girl students who are whole heartedly devoted to the value of excellence as its residents. Round-the-clock security is provided with security guards at the main gates of the hostel.

There are CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the residents at all times. The Hostel has a common room on the Ground Floor where residents can read daily newspapers and magazines, and play indoor games. Television with cable facilities is also provided. The Hostel has a badminton court and an open air space for other recreational activities. Other facilities include a spacious kitchen, a common dining hall, a sick room and common rooms, which are being used as reading rooms and conference rooms by the students. There are water coolers on every floor. The Laundry rooms on each floor are fitted with automatic washing machines and the Laundry stands. Great care is being taken to keep the entire place neat and tidy. For students coming from different states and diverse backgrounds, the Student Residence for Girls' is thus a very comfortable space –'A Home away from Home'.
The Hostel is administered by the hostel committee in consultation with the Director of the College. A committee consisting of femal faculty members of the College is constituted to see the administration of the Hostel.

-The Girls' hostel committee members are:

- Mrs. Nidhi, Miss Radhka Dawar, Mrs. Sarabjot Kaur Bedi, Mrs. Sarabdeep Kaur Sidhu, Mrs. Chanderpreet Kaur, Mrs. Surbhi Gupta, Miss Amandeep Kaur baatni, Mrs Rajni

Important Conditions and Directions for Admission to Girls' Hostel

  1. Admission to hostel is subject to merit of the candidate and distance of Home town from the college.
  2. Both the parents must accompany the girl at the time of admission.
  3. It is utmost important to bring the photographs of girl, her parents and relatives who Can visit her. All the photos should be attested by the parents.
  4. For admission to hostel, girl student should be medically fit. Medical fitness certificate and certificate showing blood group should be attached with the form.
  5. All the yearly funds will be deposited on the same day otherwise seat in the hostel can be given to the next candidate.

About Payment of Mess Bill.

Hostel mess bill will be charged for the whole month. Deduction will be as under;

  1. Autumn and winter break.
  2. In case of government/ college authorities order to close hostel.
  3. During university exams, student will pay mess bill till date of last paper and permission of authorities is required to leave hostel.

Important Rules about Hostel.

  1. For hostel admission, every girl student will be required to fill the hostel admission form. At the time of admission, parents have to provide the names and attested photos of persons who have the permission to meet her and take her home. Director reserves the right to allow or refuse any person from meeting her. No girl student will be given hostel without all this information. If two real sisters are residing in hostel, then names of visitors should be same.
  2. Hosteller girls are allowed to go home only after 15 days. College will not be responsible after the leave is sanctioned and the student goes out of college premises. In case any girl goes out from hostel without permission, her parents will be immediately informed and college will not be responsible for this.
  3. Hostellers will take leave from the hostel tutor on the leave card and fill timing in the register at the gate and sign it. After going home, parents should sign the leave card and put time of her arrival at home. The time of departure from home should also be put in the leave card.
  4. On returning to hostel, it is important to sign the register, put time on it and complete the leave card.
  5. Hosteller girls' are not allowed to go out of college gate without permission, if any girl is found guilty, she can be expelled from the college.
  6. In case of loss of leave book, student can have new leave book from tutor after paying the price of leave book. Parents will be required to sign on the new leave card and other hostel registers in the presence of hostel tutor. It is very important to note down the new leave card number.
  7. In case of illness, first aid is provided in the college. In case of emergency, the college provides the facility to take the student to civil/private hospital and information is given to the parents so that they take care of their child.
  8. The hostellers will not be allowed to go to market. All the necessary things like books, registers, bedding, bucket, mug, lock and other utensils (glass, plate etc.) and normal medicines (with the suggestion of doctor) should be brought to the hostel.
  9. Parents or local guardians can meet their ward in the hostel between 3:00 5:00 p m. It is mandatory for the relatives to sign the register and put the time of arrival and departure. The responsibility of person’s good behavior will be of the related girl. If any visitor comes in the drunkard state, he will not be allowed to meet the hosteller.
  10. No visitor is allowed to go to the room of the girl. Only meeting in the guest room is allowed.
  11. Girls' should reach hostel one day prior to reopening of college after vacation. If any girl is found to be absent without permission, she will not have any claim of hostel admission.
  12. All girls' will be present in hostel on the fixed time of attendance and no one will be allowed to go out after due time.
  13. Every girl student will be issued chair, bed and table for full year. If any student’s furniture is found in lawn or corridor, it will not be again issued for the whole session.
  14. Any change in the address, phone number should be immediately informed to the office and respective tutor by the parents.
  15. Sometimes due to low voltage, tubes don’t work, and it will be the duty of the student to arrange CFL.
  16. If any girl puts fake signatures of tutor or parents, she will be expelled from the college.
  17. Use of mobile phone will be according to the set rules.
  18. No girl will be allowed to go to any other room after 10 p.m.
  19. Any cash, jewellery or any kind of valuable things are not allowed in the hostel.
  20. Only vegetarian food will be served in hostel mess.
  21. Mess committee will decide the menu of hostel with the consultation of the studnets
  22. Girls' are strictly prohibited to wear non-cultural dresses.
  23. Hostellers will make payment according to set rules. If any student is unable to pay mess bill within 15 days, she can be refused food by the mess contractor.
  24. Electrical appliances like iron, radio, tape recorder etc. are not allowed in the hostel.
  25. Fine will be imposed for electricity and water wastage in hostel.
  26. Any loss of damage of hostel property will be borne by the student herself. It can also lead to punishment.
  27. Use of drugs and weapons is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Such cases will be sternly treated and case of immoral character will be given to the police.
  28. No girl will be allowed to visit any friend or relative from the hostel.
  29. In hostel, there is no provision to keep cycle or scooter.
  30. Hostellers are not allowed to take tuitions outside.
  31. To leave hostel, the girl will have to apply on the prescribed form to the hostel clerk.