Title of the Practice

I ) Development of Scientific Skills & (II) Empowerment of Women

Objective:To induce Holistic development; improve and polish their personalities ;provide opportunities; explore new avenues of research ;develop research related skills ;provide Global exposure .

Context:: The semi-urban location and consequently catering to the needs of semi -urban youth ,this practice was highly desired . This practice helps the semi- urban youth to upgrade their knowledge ;provide the necessary Global exposure; inspires positive interaction with the renowned personalities from prestigious Institution and at the same time facilitate their academic growth ,acquaint them with the upcoming new concepts in the scientific world.

Practice : Eminent Scholars are invited to deliver lectures in their respective fields of research ;to help the students and faculty to understand the recent developments in the field of Scientific Research. The Chemistry Department organised three-day online lecture series on Stereochemistry given by Dr Raghubir Singh who is currently working in Panjab University.The teaching staff /students are encouraged to deliver seminars on advanced topics related to the subject matter .Various programs like extension lectures ,workshops ,seminars are conducted regularly in order to enrich their knowledge and create interest in the young minds. Botany department conducted one day workshop on 20-01-2020 on “How to use E-resources.Physics department conducted online Workshop On “Online Teaching Tools & Techniques “&” National Education Policy 2020 &Higher Education .Trips are organised to research institutes and provide insite into the techniques used by way of practical demonstrations. Inter- disciplinary approach is adopted by all departments in teaching .

Evidence of Success : The students showed an increased interest and consequent increased interaction with the visiting Scientists , Subject experts

Problems Encounterd &resources Required : The college being a Government Institute,is managed by grants from different funding agencies like UGC,RUSA,State council,DBT, for carrying on the activities in the college.Wherever necessary ,PTA is also used.

(I) Women Empowerment

Objectives : Despite ,the college being semi-urban, the number of girl students enrolled here has always been more.The college ensures every effort to encourage and empower them & at the same time provide a safe and congenial atmosphere .

Context : With more number of girl students seeking admission to this college every effort is made by the staff to prepare them for facing the challenges of life; to make them aware of their basic rights, privileges and identity; to address their problems by providing counselling ;to help provide cognition/ awareness ,to eradicate the evils from the society like Dowry system ,Female Foeticide; help them to develop confidence to overcome submissiveness

Practice : Women Forum has been established with the aim of empowering the girl students and female teachers .A webinar held by Panjab University on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace on 26th March 2021 was attended by the staff . Language department organized “Punjabi Saptah” from 11th to 18th November 2020 and competitions like folk songs, Enu making, Khiddu, Knitting competition etc., Miscellaneous competitions skills for the girl students .International Women Day wascelebrated on the 8th of March.

Evidences of Success: A general increase in the confidence level among the girl students was observed. The girls became more aware of their rights .They freely discussed their problems and issues with the female members of the Women forum and were provided with the necessary guidance. The girls were observed to be motivated to achieve higher aims in life .

Problems Encountered and Resources Required : The PTA fund was used to organise the programmes related to the `upliftment of the girls students of the college