Development of Scientific Skills

Objective: To provide opportunities ;explore avenues of research ;develop research related skills ;provide global exposure
Context :To upgrade their knowledge ;provide Global exposure ;inspire positive interaction with renowned personalities ,facilitate academic growth ,acquaint conceptsof scientific world.
Practice :

  • To invite Eminent Scholars to deliver extension lectures
  • To help students/faculty to understand developments in Scientific world .Chemistry Department organised one day online-lecture series on “Mass Spectrometry ,Group Theory & Photo-Physical Chemistry” .Physics & Maths Department organised workshop on “Learn Physics & Maths Practically”. Zoology Department conducted state-Level-Webinar on “Silent-Heart-Attack ;Causes ,Symptoms & Management”. Trips Were organised for herbarium Collection by department of Botany .

Evidence of Success : Students showed increased interest & interaction with visiting experts ,a number of students are now pursuing PhD, higher studies/ Research .Our Alumni is also employed in schools & are promoting scientific temperament in semi urban / rural area .

Problems Encountered & resources Required :College is managed by grants from funding agencies like UGC ,RUSA ,State council ,DBT,PTA

Women Empowerment

Objectives :College ensures every effort to encourage/empower ;provide safe/congenial atmosphere
Context :Staff makes efforts to prepare Girl students for facing challenges; create awareness on rights, privileges/identity ;address problems; provide counselling ;eradicate evils :Dowry system ;Female-Foeticide.
Practice: Women Forum was established with aim of empowering girl students/female teachers .Lecture On International Women Health Day ;Skill competitions ;International Women Day was celebrated ,Essay Writing Competition On Violence Against Women ,Online Webinar on “Gender Inequality & Women Empowerment.Educational trips were organised to widen their horizon of knowledge.
Evidences of Success :Increase in confidence was observed. Girls became aware of rights, discussed problems ;were provided with guidance.
Problems Encountered and Resources Required :The PTA & other funds were used to organise programmes for upliftment of girls.