Best Practices (2022-2023)

  1. I) Development of Scientific Skills

Goal: Our college was established in 1968 with a mission to impart quality Science-Education to rural/semi-urban-youth. To realize our mission, we have started the practice of inviting renowned personalities/scientists to nurture scientific aptitude among the students,orienting them towards research. This provides opportunities to explore avenues of research,develop research-related-skills.

Context: As our college caters to the needs of the rural/semi-urban-youth, this practice was highly desired. The semi-urban-youth need exposure to outer-modern-global-world. Feeling the need to provide them opportunities where they can get a chance to upgrade their knowledge,to inspire them by interacting with renowned personalities from prestigious institutions, this practice was initiated. This practice facilitates their academic growth and acquaints them with latest concepts, upgrades knowledge,facilitates academic growth.

Practice: Scientists from different fields are invited who enlighten the students with knowledge/experience. This helps in enriching knowledge & clearing doubts. Students are also taken to research institutes for practical demonstrations to expose them to variety of techniques being used in these institutes. College organizes extension lectures and trips to develop scientific aptitude in students.

Lecture on Mental health by Dr.Dilpreet Singh was delivered (2022-23).

Evidence of Success: Students showed greater interest in science after interaction with visiting-experts, students are now pursuing PhD, higher-studies/Research. Our Alumni are also employed in schools & are promoting scientific-temperament in semi-urban/rural-area.

Problems Encountered & resources Required: This being a government institution there is a shortage of staff/funds. College is managed by grants received from Centre/State funding agencies- RUSA,State council, DBT& PTA. Our college gets students from rural/semi-urban regions; hence it becomes challenging to inculcate scientific-aptitude among students. Students from economically-backward-section of the society with less exposure to scientific disposition seek admission making it an uphill task.

(II) Women-Empowerment

Objectives: College ensures every effort to encourage/empower women and provide them safe/congenial-atmosphere.

Context: Staff makes efforts to prepare Girl students for facing challenges, create awareness on rights/privileges/identity, address problems, provide counselling, eradicate evils like dowry system and female foeticide.

Practice: Women-Forum was established with aim of empowering girl-students/female-teachers. The college has also established a Sexual harassment prevention cell.

Workshop on “Empowering women through right diet and life style” by Dt. Neena Mittal (2022-2023).

Evidences of Success: Increase in confidence level of girl students was observed. Girls became aware of their rights, discussed their problems and were provided with appropriate guidance.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Our college caters mainly to the rural and semi-urban girl students belonging to lower strata of society where male domination is still prevalent. It becomes a challenging and uphill task to change their mind set and acquaint them with the changing scenario of the world where women are actively participating in every sphere of life. Our is a government college, where limited funds are available to organize such activities and programs for the upliftment of girl students. The PTA & other funds were used to organize awareness programs to provide them knowledge and information so that they become the respectable members of society and contribute to the progress of the society.