For the complete development of the students, a number of value-based practices are carried out in the college. These practices are cantered to achieve the goal of the college that is to explore the best in the students and to bring them up as excellent personalities who can transcend their counterparts elsewhere. For the holistic development of the students as well as provide them opportunities to excel in their endeavours.

  • To develop scientific skills.
    Goal: Sanmati Govt. College of Science Education and Research. Jagraon was established in 1968 with a mission to impart quality Science Education to the semi-urban youth. To realize our mission, we have started this practice of inviting renowned personalities/scientists in the college to nurture scientific attitude in the students of the college and orienting them towards research.

  • Context: As our college caters to the needs of the semi-urban youth, this practice was highly desired. The semi-urban youth need exposure to the outer modern global world. Feeling the need to provide them opportunities where they can get a chance to upgrade their knowledge and to inspire them by interacting with the renowned personalities from the prestigious institutions, this practice was initiated under the able guidance of the director. This practice facilitates their academic growth and acquaints them with the latest concepts.

    Practice: Eminent scientists are invited to the institute to deliver lectures based upon their field of research in addition to general advanced topics by d Deptt. of Chemistry, Deptt. of Botany, Deptt. of Physics and Deptt. of Zoology. Scientists from different fields were invited to the college during various programs like, workshops, science fiesta, seminars, and extension lectures who enlighten the students with their knowledge and experience. This helps in enriching their knowledge and create interest in their mind for the subject.

    The scientists also help the students and faculty members to understand recent developments in the field of science and clear doubts leading to clarity of the subject. The students are also taken to research institutes for practical demonstrations and to expose them to the variety of techniques being used in these institutes. During this session, students got the opportunity to meet the number of scientists, to name a few, Dr. Davinder Mehta, Professor, Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh Dr. S.S. Marwaha, Chairman, Panjab Pollution Control Board, Patiala Dr. Charanjit Singh, Deputy Director, Panjab Pollution Control Board, Patiala Prof. Susheel Mittal, Senior Professor, Department of Chemistry Biochemistry, Thapar University, Patiala Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor of Physics, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana Dr. Archana Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Department Of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Lecturer in Physics, National Awardee Shiksha Ratan Dr. S. S. Hundal, Professor, and Head, Department of Zoology, Panjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana Dr. Manjinder Singh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology, (Process Chem.) NIPER, Mohali Dr. Richa Puri, Professor, Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh Prof. B.S. Sidhu, Ex. HOD, Department of Physics, S. Govt. College of Science Education and Research, The interdisciplinary approach to be adopted by all departments. Our college organizes the

    A) two-day mega event Science Fiesta every year comprising of intercollege and interschool competitions, quizzes, workshops, Popular Lecture Series for school and college students. The aim of organizing these programs is to spread awareness about the role of science and technology in today’s world and to inculcate scientific aptitude among young students.

    i) A workshop on the theme “COMMUNICATING SCIENCE FOR ALL” was organized on February 22, 2019, during the first session of SCIENCE FIESTA-II. Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Lecturer in Physics, (National awardee by DST and State awardee) and Prof. B.S. Sidhu, Ex HOD, Department of Physics, S. Govt. College of Science Education and Research was the Resource persons.

    ii)Competitions were held during Science Fiesta-II ? Essay Writing on the topic “Science Technology” ? Poster presentation (pre-prepared)on the topic “Science Technology” ? Rangoli making on the topic “Renewable Energy” ? Speech Competition on the topic : 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Effective communication for better life iii) One-day popular lecture series was organized on the theme “ COMMUNICATING SCIENCE FOR ALL” on February 23, 2019, under the aegis of DBT a)Dr. Susheel Mittal, Senior Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Thapar Institute of Engineering Technology, Patiala, delivered a lecture on “Crop Residue Burning And School Children Health”. Dr. Archana Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh spoke on “Biodiversity and E-DNA”. c) Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Department of Physics, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana spoke on “My Sterious Universe- Macro and Microscopic View”.

    B) The college organized a program on the topic “Protection of Environment Ozone Layer” from September 13-15, 2018, sponsored by Punjab Pollution Control Board, Patiala.

    i)On 13th September 2018, intercollege quiz contest on the topic, “Environment and its protection” was conducted by the college and sponsored by PPCB.

    On ii) 14th September 2018 poster presentation was held on the topics “Biodiversity” and “Human population and Environment.” Speech and PPT competitions were held on the topic “Ozone depletion” and “Global warming”

    iii) 15th September 2018 One day Seminar was conducted on” Environment and protection of Ozone Layer”. Dr. Davinder Mehta, Professor Dept. of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigarh delivered a talk on “The importance and protection of ozone layer.” Then, Dr. S.S. Marwaha, Chairman PPCB was the chief guest who also gives a talk on “Environment and its Protection.” and presided over the function.

    C) Dr.Richa Puri, Professor, Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh conducted a workshop cum Hands-on Training on “Plant Tissue Culture” on March 27, 2019, which was attended by 106 students and faculty. And she also delivered a talk to students on “Essential oils and aromatherapy.” v)Dr. S. S. Hundal, Professor, and Head, Deptt. of Zoology, Panjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana delivered a lecture on “Man and environment” on March 20, 2019. vi)Dr. Manjinder Singh, Associate Prof., Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Technology, (Process Chem.) NIPER, Mohali give a lecture on “Process Chemistry and Drug Development” on March 29, 2019 Evidence of success: The interest of the students in the subject increased after interaction with the visiting scientists and research institutes. But after such an interaction with the renowned personalities, they were motivated and encouraged and the number of them joined postgraduate courses. The problem encountered and resources required: Being a government institute, it is managed by grants from different funding agencies like DBT, UGC, and state council for carrying out such activities in the college. PTA fund is also used in case of shortage of funds.

  • Women Empowerment: Our college has always provided a safe and congenial atmosphere for girl students. We have more girl students than boys in college. Every effort is made to encourage and empower them by the college staff.

    • To make them aware of their rights and identity.
    • To prepare them for facing the challenges of life.
    • To eradicate the evils from the society like female foeticide, dowry system.
    • To address their problems by providing counselling.

    Context: The majority of the girls belong to semi-urban middle-class families who still believe in the submissiveness of women. It becomes our responsibility to develop confidence in them and to prepare them for changing this attitude in everyday life. Practice: Women forum has been established in the college with the aim of empowering students and teachers. Lectures by dignitaries and other competitions are organized to make them aware of issues related to them. To accomplish this purpose Poster making, Speech competition, etc are organized to create awareness. Lectures by renowned personalities and director also encourage them to rise in life. The international women’s day was celebrated in the college in which renowned female personalities were invited to motivate the students to rise in life. On this occasion, Dr. Sarbjot Kaur former HOD, Postgraduate Dept. of Punjabi, GCG, Ludhiana. (motivational speaker) delivered a talk to the students. Ms. Jyotika Judge, Research Scholar, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Lecture on use of Shakti App-Women Security Mobile App by S.Gurvinder Singh Sexual harassment prevention cell: The college has also established a Sexual harassment prevention cells to provide a safe and healthy environment to the girls students and female teachers. Till date, no case has been reported to this cell. Evidence of success: The girl students became aware of their legal rights and were motivated to achieve higher aims in life. The students who felt shy during interactions were encouraged to become bold and active after these kinds of programs. They discussed their problems and issues with the female members of the women forum and were provided with all the necessary guidance. The problem encountered and resources required: Funds are managed by making collection from the students of the forum the expenditure is borne by this fundraised from students. The PTA fund was used to organize such programs for the upliftment of the girl students of the college.