Contributions of IQAC

  • Prepare academic and extension activities calendar in the beginning of the session to streamline the working of various departments.
  • IQAC encourages the teachers to prepare schedule of work and lecture plans for providing information to the students.
  • Organizes orientation program to acquaint the students with the schedule of work and available facilities/ scholarships etc.
  • To conduct various academic as well as extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of the students.
  • To spread awareness about role of science and technology in today's world and to inculcate the scientific aptitude among young students, “Science Fiesta” is organised every year.
  • Teachers are encouraged to use audio-visual aids like projectors, MIPS, OHP, Computers etc. to make teaching learning more interesting.
  • Class seminars, minor projects, assignments, field study trip, educational tours are organized.
  • Various activities like Conferences, exhibitions, seminars, Lecture series and workshops are organized for the sustenance of quality in which renowned scientists are invited to interact with the students.
  • Feedback on various parameters is taken from students, parents and alumni, duly analyzed and acted upon.