Slow & Advanced Learners

Advanced learners are identified by making classroom teaching interactive,encouraging and classroom discussions.Faculty members also conduct class tests and organise quiz competitions through which teachers can identify the advanced learners.Various extension lectures are organised to fulfill learning needs of advanced learners.The students also get the opportunity to participate in several activities.They are constantly encouraged and guided for preparation of various competitions at different levels.Extra support is given to them for participating in high level programmes.Such students are free to communicate with their faculty at any time and discuss their problems.

Advanced learners are allocated additional project work and provided necessary guidance by their teachers in addition to extra reading material.The UG students are motivated to prepare for CET-PG and other competitive tests to get admission to PG courses at renowed institutions.The PG students are motivated to prepare for UGC_NET test and other professionalcompetitive tests. They are also encouraged to participate in seminar presentations, poster presentations, quiz contests and other activities.Slow learners are identified and they are encouraged to interact with other studentsin the tutorial groups.Slow learners are genuinely praised frequently by emphasizing their strengths and giving positive feedbacks.They are engaged in assignments related to the curriculum.The teachers are always accessible to them for their problems.They are motivated in a way that they do not give up on their work or themselves.