Student Centric Methods

2.3.1. Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences

Students are our prime stakeholders and every care is taken for their all round development.Learning is made more student centric by defining learning outcomes to the faculty for all courses in the beginning of the session.Teaching learning process has been made more interactive to achieve this aim.Teachers conduct various types of activities like Group Discussions,Field Survey/Field work, and assigning projects and seminars which while strengthening their knowledge base also contribute in skill formation.Various departmental clubs and societies have been established to nurture and channelise the energy of the young budding students. Almost all the departments organise various types of activities like quiz, poster making, paper reading and extension lectures, etc that help students to develop various skills . To develop interactive skills of the students the college has facilities like computer labs with internet facility, language lab , seminar hall etc. Students are made to perform practicals in groups to enrich their experience in the collaborative learning. They are also allocated the projects in groups to orient them towards research. Seminars and assignments are given to inculcate the habit of independent learning.