Policies for utilizing facilities

The college follows the university regulations in constituting all necessary staff committees and other statutory bodies that oversee the maintenance and utilization of all resources. These committees oversee the maintenance of college infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

  1. The college has a building committee that oversees the maintenance of the college infrastructures via meetings conducted in which necessary requisitions are considered, followed up and proposed to the concerned Governing Body for sanctions of funds. All purchases are made on quotation basis and the infrastructural needs are fulfilled.
  2. The Laboratory equipment is purchased and maintained by the departmental Committee that acquires required material and equipment. Suitable arrangement is made for the maintenance of computers, electronics, and laboratory equipment in the college at departmental level. A stock maintenance is undertaken annually by concerned Committees to check any lack or wear and tear in equipment.
  3. The college owns a CCTV cameras, SMS System, for the safety, comfort, and effective communication with the students and parents. Each of this is maintained through various committees formed in the beginning of session.
  4. The college campus is Wi-Fi enabled, the maintenance of which is done by members of computer and network centre. Wi-Fi data connections have been paid for by the college through the PTA fund.
  5. Every department has well equipped departmental library which issues books to the students and maintains the record. The annual stock checking is dually undertaken to maintain the record.
  6. The institution further has annual contract with the Canteen and hostel mess. The services are reviewed every year by the duly constituted committees and the contract renewed if all expectations are met.
  7. Girls Hostel Committee sees to maintenance of rooms, CCTV cameras, lawns, sanitation, electrical appliances like geysers, washing machines, water coolers, RO system, fans and furniture as per requirement.
  8. We also maintain Pest Control for the entire building and Girls hostel through anti-larva unit of Civil Hospital, Jagraon.
  9. The Sports Grounds are maintained by the Sports Committee.
  10. The college also caters to services such as Polling station for Elections in its premises to make optimum use of the college infrastructure.
  11. College owns a generator and Photostat machine for the convenience of students which is properly maintained.