College IQAC plans to organise Women’s day,Women’s Health Day, Webinars/Seminars ,Talks, Lectures & Competitions,to sensitize the students about the need for the Gender Equality in society ..

In order to provide the Safety& Security and to maintain and regulate the discipline among students following committees will be set up ;Women Forum, Discipline Committee Student’s Council , Equal Opportunity Cell , Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell / Committee.

Girls hostel will be provided with the security guard at the main gate and at the three Sentry posts .Two lady helpers will be provided as additional security.

Regular counselling to be provided to students individually or in groups throughout the year according to the circumstances .

In order to provide comfort zone to the girl students Girls Common Room will be provided with newspapers, magazines & some indoor board games like carrom board to rejuvenate the students 'minds

The Female washrooms will be provided with free disposable Sanitary Pads & Incinerators for their proper disposal through the coming RUSA Grants