S. Govt. College of Science Education And Research Jagraon is the premier institution in north India. This institution imparts good quality of science education to large population to the students of Punjab , particularly Malwa region and adjoining states. College provides necessary facilities to students to facilitate teaching learning process more effective. The main facilities are as under

1. There are 10 class rooms ( 8 smart rooms)

2. Physics Labs 2 , one dark room attached to one lab.

3. Chemistry Labs 4

4. Bio Chemistry Lab 1

5. Botany Labs 3

6. Zoology Lab 1

7. Seminar Hall Equipped with good quality of furniture and sound system.

8. Herbarium (Botany)

9. Canteen

10. Hostel (Girls only)

11. Library as well as Department have their own libraries

12. Playgrounds 2

13. Parking Area

14. Computer Lab 1

15. Dispensary 1