Institutional Distinctiveness (Year 2020-21)

No doubt, every educational institute has a dream to impart quality education to their students. However, this year is challenging period for our college due to Covid-19 pandemic. College has to provide education through virtual media under the guidance of college DDO Prof. Sumedha Syal. Firstly, our institution has provided Wi-Fi facility to teachers in the campus so that they connect with the students through online modes such as FCC, Zoom, Google meet etc. In order to provide their students more clarity, most of the teachers created their own You tube channels However, challenges are not finished here. Few students are not able to avail online education facilities due non affordability of mobiles. So, our teachers voluntarily contributed money for this. Additionally, our agenda of quality education is not limited to provide education, institution wants their staff to be capable enough toward this new change. For this, they organize several webinars as well as encourage teachers to attend online FDP as well as workshop. So that their staff gain confidence. Moving ahead chemistry department organized three-day online lecture series given by Dr. Raghubir Singh. In the path of the holistic development of students’ college organized various online functions throughout the year such as “11 Rastriya Voter Day” on 25-01-2021.

To instill the cultural values among students, college, celebrate various functions including “400 Birth anniversary of Shri. Guru Teg Bahadur ji”. Also, language department organized “Punjabi Saptah” from 11th to 18th November 2020 and competitions like folk songs, Enu making, Khiddu, Knitting competition etc. Moreover, college organized webinar on psychological effects of Covid-19 on 9 november 2020 as well as poster competition on effects of covid-19 on 21 december 2020.