Institutional Distinctiveness
(Year 2021-22)

Our educational institution imparts quality education & instills environmental awareness among students, with aim of providing awareness to students about environmental problems and finding their solutions, students are regularly motivated to plant more trees under the slogan ‘each one plant one’ to make their surrounding disease-free. Micro forest plantation was done with the help of Eco- Sikh-Sanstha in which plantation of 11000 trees were done. Under aegis of State-Bank-of-India, Nanak Bhagichi was established in the College Campus in which special impetus was on plantation of plants of Medicinal importance. On 4 june 2021, World Environment Day was celebrated under theme of Ecosystem-Restoration.

On 1 july 2021, Van-Mahautsav was celebrated and 200 plants were donated by State-Bank-of-India. Futhermore, on 28 july 2021, Prof. Nirmal Singh and Jatinder Singh planted 70 trees inperiphery of College Campus. On 13th August 2021, 400 plants in Pavitar Van and 550 plants in Nanak Bagichi were planted. On 17th August formal inauguration of Pavitar Van and Medicinal Park a done by Range officer Sardar Mohan Singh. In addition, plantation and preservation of rare herbs and shrubs is done on regular basis. At present approximately 50,0000 trees, herbs and shrubs are available in the College Campus.