Department of Mathematics

The Department was established in 1968.Department of Mathematics offers an compulsory course in Science (Non-Medical) at graduation level. Mathematics is the backbone of Science. Major objective of the Department is to enhance students’ mathematical thinking and learning.Besides the prescribed curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in national level tests. Faculty member also participated in national level seminar/courses like IST by ATM SCHOOL.

Faculty: Department have well-qualified faculty

  • Mr.Parminder Singh M.Sc., NET
  • Mr.Guronkar Singh, M.Sc., NET 


We adopted various methods of Teaching-learning to motivate our students in the learning of mathematics. In addition to lecture method we frequently use demonstration method, classroom discussion, group discussion etc.

Strength: Coordination among faculty members and students

Future plan:  Considering needs of the present generation we have to adopt technologies to reach in the newer heights so that our students can cope-up with other students of various institutions in India and abroad

Programme outcomes

Students will be able to

  •  think and reason logically.
  •  apply mathematics for problems occurring in different fields of science and engineering.
  •  take up mathematics programme at Master’s level anywhere in and outside India.
  • be able to clear exams in mathematical aptitude
  • apply mathematics for solving transportation problems, assignment problems and some physical problems involving differential equations, transforms, vector calculus etc.
  •  acquire  strong knowledge in the core areas of Mathematics and applications of Mathematics.
  • be proficient in Mathematics to teach it at school and college level
  •  take up jobs that require sound knowledge in Mathematics in different private and public sectors.