Department of Physics

Department of Physics was established in 1968 with an ambition to cater to the demand of people of Punjab, particularly Malwa region. Since the time of its establishment, this department has made glorious achievements to its credit. Physics, being a fundamental subject helps to understand the other subjects. Thus, this subject is also essential and integral part of the syllabus of the undergraduate courses.

Teaching Faculty

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
1. Ms. Sarbdeep Kaur Sidhu M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

Three Year Diploma in Electronics & Communication

Assistant Professor


18 yr
2. Ms. Amandeep Kaur Matharoo M.Sc.(Hons.)Physics, CSIR-UGC NET(JRF), GATE, JEST Assistant Professor 1 yr
3. Ms. Akashdeep Kaur M.Sc. Physics, CSIR-UGC NET, GATE Assistant Professor 2 yr

4. – 5.  Vacent


Non- Teaching Faculty

  1. Surinder Sharma – Senior Lecturer Assistant
  2. Gurdeep Singh      – Lab Attendant

Facilities in Physics Department


There are two spacious fully equipped labs with semi smart teaching techniques. One lab is attached with darkroom. Virtual lab facility is also provided to the students.

Departmental Library:

In order to meet the urgent requirement of books, department has its own library. There are 350 books in our library. Books are issued to the needy and intelligent students for whole session.

Internet facility:

Department has internet facility. Students can access internet facility to surf educational sites.

Exclusive Equipments:

Physics department has large number of equipments to cater the requirement of experiments prescribed in the syllabus .The important instruments to enrich the experimental skills of students are Scintillation Counter, G.M. Counters, Hall Effect apparatus, Four Probe Method apparatus, He-Ne Lasers and Susceptibility of Ferric Chloride.

Activities in Department:

  • A workshop on “Experimental Physics and Virtual Lab” was organized by the department on 21st Feb 2019. The resource persons were Dr. Jaswinder Singh (National state awardee) and Prof. Baldev Singh Sidhu.
  • An extension lecture by Dr. Rajeev Sharma (Assistant Professor, PAU, Ludhiana) on “Mysterious Universe: Microscopic and Macroscopic view” was also organized by the department on 22nd Feb2019.

Physics Quiz:

Three students accompanied by Prof. Amandeep Kaur Matharoo from the department participated in Inter-College Physics Quiz held at SCD Government College, Ludhiana on 25th Sept, 2019. The team performed very well.

  • Poster presentation: Jaskiran Kaur, student of B.Sc. II NM got first prize in Inter-College Poster presentation on the topic “Contribution of Physics to society” in Science fiesta-III organized by the college on 21st Oct 2019.
  • Working Model: The students (Parvinder Kaur and Kavita) of B.Sc. III NM prepared a working model on “Eco-friendly house” in Science fiesta-III under the guidance of faculty members and they got first prize.
  • Prof. Sarbdeep Kaur Sidhu participated in workshop on the theme “Developments and Innovations in Experimental Physics and Allied Concepts” organized by KCW, Ludhiana and IAPT held on 2nd Nov., 2019.
  • Undergraduate students of the college appeared in National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE) conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) held at our college on 19th January, 2020.
  • Undergraduate students of the college participated in the various events of PHY EXPO-2020 held at Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidhyala, Jalandhar on 11th March, 2020. All the participants performed exceptionally well.

Kavita and Parvinder Kaur of B.Sc. III NM got Second prize in Working Model competition.

Yashika, Amanpreet Kaur & Mehargurvir Singh of B.Sc. III NM attained first position in Physics Quiz.

Mehargurvir Singh of B.Sc. III NM got first prize in Essay Writing competition.

Jaskiran Kaur (B.Sc. II NM) and Gursimran Kaur (B.Sc. III NM) got Second prize in Poster presentation.

Osheen Kapoor and Charvi of  B.Sc. I NM got Consolidation prize in Poster presentation.

  • National Science Day was celebrated in the college by Physics Department on 28th March, 2020. On this occasion, “Sir C. V. Raman Physics Society” was inaugurated.  Events such as Poster Presentation, Power Point Presentation, Poem recitation, were organized to mark the discovery of “Raman Effect” and enlighten students with contribution of Science to our society.
  • A group of 60 students of B.Sc. I Non Medical visited Pushpa Gujral Science city, Kapurthala on 28th March 2019 under the supervision of faculty members. The students got an opportunity to study the following areas of science:
  •  Space Theater
  • Climate change
  • Journey of life
  • Flight simulator
  • Laser show
  • Health Gallery
  • Renewable Energy resources
  •  3D show
  1. To produce graduates who understand the concepts and significance of various physical phenomena.
  2. To bridge the gap between theory and problem solving by enhancing student’s capability of dealing with real time problems.
  3. To enhance the practical skills of the students by the utilization of their theoretical knowledge in practical experiments.
  4. To improve the oral communication skills of the graduates through various class seminars, discussions and lectures.
  5. To encourage and motivate the students to pursue research and various post graduate programs.
  1. To understand basic concepts and to practice problem solving by using selected problems in solid state physics, Mechanics and Vibration and waves.
  2. To learn the mathematical tools needed to solve quantum mechanics problems.
  3. To acquire knowledge in the content areas of nuclear and particle physics, facilitating informed decisions as students pursue research projects, internships and graduate study.
  4. To understand how statistics of the microscopic world can be used to explain the thermal features of the macroscopic world.
  5. To be able to use thermal and statistical principles in a wide range of applications.
  6. To understand how major concepts developed and changed over time and enlighten students with the various applications of electronics in modern era.
  7. To enhance the practical skills of the students by the utilization of their theoretical knowledge of Electronics, Solid state physics, Nuclear physics, Optics in various practical and real time experiments.
  8. To organize a presentation on the application of modern physics to modern technology.
  1. PU-CET (PG) (Panjab University-Common Entrance Test for Post Graduate students)
  2. IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test) PHYSICS
  3. NEST (National Entrance Screening Test)
  4. JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test)
  5. TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)