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Academics / Internal Assessment

2.5.1. Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode

The college ensures full transparency in the process of internal assessment. The institution follows guidelines issued by Panjab University for internal assessment in theory as well as in practical’s from time to time. The internal assessment is marked on the basis of mid semester tests, class tests, assignments, projects, seminars, attendance etc. At the college level answer sheets are shown to the students so that they can check and get their doubts clarified from their teachers. The internal assessment is displayed on the notice board for the information of students. In case of any grievance, it is redressed by the concerned teacher to his\her satisfaction. MST and class tests are rescheduled for some students who are not able to appear due to their participation in extra-curricular activities. At the university level, there is a provision of Re-evaluation of the final results. The Students are informed about the division and weightage of each parameters of I.A. so that they can take care of each of them.

  • Class test - 5%
  • Academic activities - 3%
  • Attendance - 2%

During session 2020-2021, exams were conducted online due to pandemic.